Data Visualization is for lovers

If you’ve ever heard of or seen present-day approaches to data visualization, they can be really fascinating to look at. Awhile back Smashing Magazine posted an article ‘Data Visualization: Modern Approaches’. It has some great links and resources. also has a huge database of projects.

In short, data visualization is the process or art of presenting data – whether through conventional forms like tables, charts, graphs, or in more advanced ways using the latest technologies.


Visual Display of Human Emotions Project:

Source: - an exploration of human emotion on a global scale.


Visualization of the Bible Project:

Visualization of the Bible, Source:


“Functional visualizations are more than innovative statistical analyses and computational algorithms. They must make sense to the user and require a visual language system that uses colour, shape, line, hierarchy and composition to communicate clearly and appropriately, much like the alphabetic and character-based languages used worldwide between humans.”

Matt Woolman
Digital Information Graphics

Infosthetics, Visual Poetry Project: