The Bible Meets Graphic Design

I was listening to NPR the other day and heard this story, Two New Bibles Preach A Hip, Eco-Friendly Gospel, which led me to look up more info about this newly designed Bible, Bible Illuminated: The Book. Interesting stuff… I’m sure reactions are all over the map. It’s definitely the most interesting Bible cover I’ve ever seen:

Bible Illuminated: The Book

“First, the flashy coffee-table Bible: Dag Soderberg, a secular Swedish advertising executive wondered why so few people actually read the “good book,” so he set out to make it more appealing, with glossy photos and magazine packaging. The resulting publication is an illustrated version of the New Testament called Bible Illuminated: The Book. ” – Lynn Neary

See more images from Bible Illuminated: the Book, compliments of NPR.

Riceboy Sleeps, Art and Music

“Riceboy Sleeps is an artistic collaboration between Jón Þór Birgisson (singer for the Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Rós) and his partner Alex Somers. Not only do they make visual art, but they also create ambient music. The music tends to be more ethereal and experimental than that of Sigur Rós.” – Wikipedia

Links to Riceboy Sleeps Artwork:

Riceboy Sleeps Art: Sleeping Bag

“All the Big Trees” Video:

Life Without Eyes

As a visual designer, I’ve always been in love with ‘art’ and design, playing with visual imagery in realistic and surrealistic forms. Sometimes a photo or a random sunset will catch my eye and totally blow me away. I’m assuming this goes for all people who can see… Sometimes sight is something I take for granted, though. Sometimes I wonder how blind people in the world can ‘see’ and appreciate art and the beauty of the world around us without their eyes to see it. Below is a cool video that may answer that question. Enjoy!

Girls Rock! DC

This year I’ve been having fun doing some graphic design and poster work for Girls Rock! DC. I love being able to get into the grungy, gritty design, without having to make things look corporate. It also feels good to be doing something for a cause you find worthwhile. If you haven’t heard of GR!DC, it’s basically a youth rock camp for girls and aspiring young musicians. Camp is going on next week, and afterward they will be having a showcase performance at the 9:30 Club. Should be a great show, all are welcome:

Data Visualization is for lovers

If you’ve ever heard of or seen present-day approaches to data visualization, they can be really fascinating to look at. Awhile back Smashing Magazine posted an article ‘Data Visualization: Modern Approaches’. It has some great links and resources. also has a huge database of projects.

In short, data visualization is the process or art of presenting data – whether through conventional forms like tables, charts, graphs, or in more advanced ways using the latest technologies.


Visual Display of Human Emotions Project:

Source: - an exploration of human emotion on a global scale.


Visualization of the Bible Project:

Visualization of the Bible, Source:


“Functional visualizations are more than innovative statistical analyses and computational algorithms. They must make sense to the user and require a visual language system that uses colour, shape, line, hierarchy and composition to communicate clearly and appropriately, much like the alphabetic and character-based languages used worldwide between humans.”

Matt Woolman
Digital Information Graphics

Infosthetics, Visual Poetry Project: